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Kitchens Design

Kitchens Design


Smart Kitchens Gallery has played a vital role in introducing the kitchens design in Delhi. The company is dedicated to deliver different kinds of kitchens for the masses. Keeping in mind the monetary concerns of high class, middle class and average class customers; we offer kitchens for everyone. We utilize the best-quality products for building a kitchen that looks great and is fully functional. All our materials and kitchen cabinets come with a certain warranty; ensuring that the customers don’t have to face any kind of hassles in repairing the same at a later point of time.

Affordable and sustainable modular kitchens is our speciality

At Smart Kitchens Gallery, we aim to build modular kitchens that fit the needs of every house. All our kitchen designs are inspired from Italian and German kitchens. We prepare a list of client’s requirements and visit their home for inspection, followed by guiding them about the way in which their cooking area would be refurbished for a better appearance and usability. In other situations, we also deal with clients online and build the blueprint of their modular kitchen using Live Designing. While designing the kitchens, we also look into thorough implementation of all the Indian standards that have been set for designing kitchens in India. Right from the Counter tops to the paint of your kitchen; everything is being finalized after performing a detailed analysis of your specific choices.

Empathetic thinking keeps us ahead of our competitors

The creative kitchens design team at Salt Kitchen Studio thinks empathetically for every single client; ensuring that his/her project is their own. We design kitchens that can last for a good 5-6 years and are totally cost-efficient. Right from designing the kitchen to gathering the raw materials, packaging and installation; everything is being looked into well by our trained kitchen designing professionals. We equip all our kitchens with top branded accessories that can add a lot of convenience to your kitchen work.