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Elica Appliances

Elica Appliances


Smart Kitchens Gallery is not only involved in building fabulous modular kitchens but it even serves as a one-stop store for people who intend to purchase Elica appliances in Delhi. Regarded as a global brand in kitchen hoods and chimneys, Elica has now knocked the doors of our country. We proudly present you a wide collection of Elica appliances including kitchen chimneys, dishwashers, barbeques, fryers, microwave ovens and many more. Irrespective of whether you’re interested in getting a modular kitchen installed at your home or just want to purchase any of the renowned Elica kitchen appliances; getting in touch with us will prove immensely beneficial.

Making homes more lovely via Elica appliances

At Smart Kitchens Gallery, we never refrain from suggesting clients about the most appropriate Elica appliances for their kitchen. Having entered into collaboration with world renowned brands like Elica, we look forward to strengthen our client base in New Delhi. Every Indian kitchen has a unique need and with Elica appliances you can make your cooking experience a lot more exciting and hassle-free. While some of our clients opt for modular kitchens with pre-installed Elica appliances, others choose to hand-pick the Elica appliances for their existing kitchen. Available at discounted rates, these kitchen appliances are of excellent quality and ensure utmost usability for the kitchen user at your home. Not only the functionality part, but even the appearance of your cooking area can be effectively enhanced via installation of the very useful Elica kitchen appliances.

Stay abreast with the Elica appliances in store for you at Smart Kitchens Gallery

Our stock of Elica appliances for kitchen is loaded with gadgets including slim cooktops, charcoal filter chimneys, dishwashers with electronic and digital controls and built-in microwave ovens with features like mechanical controls, digital display, cooling fans, convection fans, Roteserie, grill and timer. All the Elica appliances offered by Smart Kitchens Gallery are intended for domestic use only. You may choose the appliance that adds a lot of glitter to your kitchen and even enables you to perform kitchen jobs with ease.